Thirlmere  Rent
About Thirlmere
Thirlmere postcode 2572
Median Rent ($/Weekly):* 270
Median Housing Loan Repayment ($/Weekly): 1600
Average Household Size: 2.9
Average Number of Persons Per Bedroom: 1.1
Household Fully Owned Percentage: 0.307
Household Rented Percentage: 0.187
Family Household Percentage: 0.793
Total Persons : 3855
Total Males : 1909
Total Femals : 1946
Age Group (0-4 years) : 266
Age Group (5-14 years) 651
65 Years Over:
Median Age of Persons 35
Persons born overseas 535
Main Country of birth which is not Australia: England
No of people of Main Country of birth which is not Australia : 138
No of People Married : 1645
Married Percentage: 0.56
Labour Force: 1895
Employed Fulltime: 1134
Employed Full Time Percentage: 0.598
Main Occupation: Technicians and Trades Workers
Number of Main Occupation: 284
Main Occupation Percentage: 0.158
Main Industry of Employment: School Education
Main Industry of Employment Numbers: 107
Main Industry of Employment Percentage: 0.059
Median Individual Income ($/Weekly): 441
Median Household Income ($/Weekly) : 1104
Median Family Income ($/Weekly): 1182
Number of Families: 1067
Number of Families With Children: 551
Total Private Dwellings: 1413
* Median Rent is based on data from the most recent Australian suburb survey.
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