Deception Bay  Rent
About Deception Bay
Deception Bay postcode 4508
Median Rent ($/Weekly):* 285
Median Housing Loan Repayment ($/Weekly): 1198
Average Household Size: 2.7
Average Number of Persons Per Bedroom: 1.1
Household Fully Owned Percentage: 28.8
Household Rented Percentage: 34.6
Family Household Percentage: 72.4
Total Persons : 20368
Total Males : 9952
Total Femals : 10416
Age Group (0-4 years) : 1645
Age Group (5-14 years) 3448
65 Years Over:
Median Age of Persons 34
Persons born overseas 3458
Main Country of birth which is not Australia: England
No of people of Main Country of birth which is not Australia : 998
No of People Married : 7415
Married Percentage: 48.5
Labour Force: 8184
Employed Fulltime: 4835
Employed Full Time Percentage: 59.1
Main Occupation: Labourers
Number of Main Occupation: 1366
Main Occupation Percentage: 18
Main Industry of Employment: Cafes, Restaurents and Takeaway Food Services
Main Industry of Employment Numbers: 293
Main Industry of Employment Percentage: 3.9
Median Individual Income ($/Weekly): 389
Median Household Income ($/Weekly) : 777
Median Family Income ($/Weekly): 937
Number of Families: 5550
Number of Families With Children: 2307
Total Private Dwellings: 7822
Deception Bay is a suburb north of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Deception Bay was named in 1823 by Lt John Oxley, who thought the bay was a river and because of his mistake and the shallowness, named it Pumice Stone River; he later changed the name to Deception Bay.

The area was once large parcels of land supporting dairying and farming and, while some large blocks remain today, most have been subdivided to provide housing for a growing community. (Source: Wiki)
* Median Rent is based on data from the most recent Australian suburb survey.
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